Do-it-yourself Events

We want to make sure you get something for your sub while we're not running formal events.  Enjoy these courses by doing them in your own time. Just download the map, and away you go.

Queens Park - Trivia course

The first challenge is a Queens Park Trivia Quiz, successfully trialled with the Southland Tramping Club (with a bit of discussion about the answers, of course!).  Download the map and questions by clicking on the black buttons on this page. Print off your map and questions, trying not to peek at the answers til you get home.  

Just a reminder that the correct answer (provided Parks hasn't cut down a tree or shifted a statue in the meantime) is found in the spot right in the middle of the circle on the map.  This is critical for some answers.  

We hope you have fun and share this with friends and family.

Queens Park - Permanent course

SOC's Permanent Course in Queens Park has 2 options:
Short (1.8km) and Long (3.5km, which has more difficult-to-find control sites).

Full information is on the back of the map.  

Free maps available from The Cheeky Llama. 

Or you can download the maps (right) and print them yourself.

Short Map

Long Map

Oreti Links

This course has been designed to start reasonably easy, progressing to more tricky sites, so just have a go and see what you can find.  Try some harder-than-you-usually-do sites.  Watch out though - for some reason, people like to collect O tags, so the number you are looking for may be decorating some student’s flat!  Can you email us if there’s one missing and we’ll replace it.  The tags are small, 7cm x 7cm, so as not to be too nickable  – be prepared to be flexible in your looking. 

DIY Coaching at Oreti Links

There are two maps to choose from. These courses are not really 'courses' - it's a chance to wander round and identify and compare the symbols on the map, legend and control description.